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Facade Reliefs and Sculptures in the Listed City Center of Subotica

Authors: Maja Rakočević Cvijanov and Neda Džamić

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The Synagogue in Subotica

Author: Gabor Demeter

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Until today, only two historians Istvan Ivanji and Dusan Jelic dealt with the past of the Subotica Jews. About the history of the Jewish cemetery Ivanji in his “History of Subotica” gives only three sentences, which read: “The Jewish cemetery was near the Hall of the Hall. When the cemetery was erected in 1829, it […]

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In 1890, Geza Kocka projected a one-storey cottage that was owned by the wealthy Halbror family. This eclectic architect brought out a very harmonious object of Renaissance lines on the decorative elements of classicism. Geza Kocka added four Renaissance portals with windows to the facade cladding made of fused bricks. The semicircular window was embedded […]

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