The building was built in 1854, as the “New Serbian Orthodox National School”, with the funds of the church municipality. It was built as a ground-level object of a rectangular base, set on the corner of the two streets, with a functional solution of the base in which the classroom and teacher’s apartment stand is separated from the student’s part by the passage from the street to the yard. In the modest decoration of the facade the influence of classicism is visible. In addition to exceptional documentary values ​​for the history of schooling in the mid-nineteenth century, a cultural monument, as a whole with the Church of the transmission of the must of St. Nikola, is an important testimony of church school autonomy. The memorial plate in the niche on the main facade, set up in the rebuilding of 1902, with the names of teachers who served in school in 1854-1902,it is also a valuable piece of information about the importance of education and respect for that job by a place that, in the long run, in addition to economic development, also had high aspirations in cultural and religious progress.

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