Four major paintings were recorded in the Roman Catholic Church. Birth of the Virgin, work by Joseph Švarac: the picture is on the main altar. The whole composition was built in the form of the letter M. On the right, on the low stand, an open box with various small glass bowls is shown. On the left side is the other, Joakim sitting and praying. It is shown in a profile, leaning on a slender, round small ampere table. Right in the distance, two women in a semi-heeling attitude. On the side there is a large container with a stop over which one woman holds a child, and the other one is watering. Next, on the left, a bed with a four-legged canopy is displayed and on it Ana, behind the bed stands the woman and the offers of the offer. Right, deeper, behind the bed there is a small closet and a table of laws on it. Above, the angel is surrounded by little angels in heaven. The light falls on the Virgin and the group of women.Anna on the bed is also covered, while the shadow of a canopy covers her face. The drawing is light and the fabric is very rich. A classicistic treatment in interior painting is visible. This composition, by its lighting and painting details, directly points to a painting of the true commitment to the baroque-classical artistic conception.
Mother of God with Christ, author: M. Klimo, who appears as a master who in 1823 performed an excellent replica of a purely baroque composition.
The Virgin holds a little Christ, the work of an unknown author. Above it are three heads of angels, and the whole composition is a baroque achievement.
The fourth figure is the work of an unknown author, oil on canvas. The composition is divided into fifteen equal rectangular fields, in which there are scenes of great holidays and Christ’s sufferings. It is similar to the works of local masters who worked at the passage XVII in the XIX century. It is composed very harmoniously, the colors are bright, the movement of the line and the influence of the baroque are visible. According to the solidity of the composition, the scenes stand out: The Birth of Christ, The Promise, The Descent of St. Spirit, Christ in the Temple, and the Scourge of Christ.

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