The location is located in the attic of the village of Horgos, about 300 m north of the railway Subotica – Horgos. Protective excavations uncovered the foundations of the church with a tower that was attached to the west wall. The foundations of the temple were made in the technique of melancholy, of broken stone, bound with clay dismembered. On most of the base, only clay with fine gravel and wall width (1m) is preserved. During the excavation, a tomb with silver jewelry from the 15th century was discovered in the ruins of the inner part of the church. The church’s preserved foundations are stretched. West of Horgos on the farm PIK “Backa” there is a hill named Templomdomb. Here, in 1964, the excavators discovered the remains of a church and a number of graves. The church was from the thirties of the 12th century and it was in the time of the Mongolian invasion in 1241 or 1242. It was built in a Romanesque style, with a rectangular apse,with a tower at the western end. Along the highlands in the north direction, the ruins of a house from the 13th century (remains of ceramics) are encountered. Horgos is mentioned as a settlement for the first time in the 12th century.


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