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Luka Aćimović 1966-2019
Sacral Motives of Pediments in Vojvodina
Objects of Devotion in Vojvodina
Facade Reliefs and Sculptures in the Listed City Center of Subotica
The Synagogue in Subotica
Vojvodina Heritage
Radić Brothers Street in Subotica

Activity of the Institute

Services provided by the institution.

  1. Issue of conditions, measures of technical protection for objects and monuments declared as immovable cultural property;
  2. Creating projects for conservation and restoration works;
  3. Performing conservation supervision over works carried out on immovable cultural goods;
  4. Restoration works;
  5. Issuing a license for the export of works of art (paintings, sculptures …);
  6. Issuance of conditions for the installation of air conditioners as well as advertisements and names of companies on facilities in the subotica city historical core;
  7. Issuing opinions related to the protected objects that are needed in the preparation of the tender or project documentation.

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