“Holy Trinity” is the first public monument in Bajmok, built in 1878. It was built by the Wolf family from Bajmok. It is located in the center of Baimök. By the forties of this century, it was located in front of the Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul. Serially made sculptures in the sandstone were performed in a craft workshop of sacral sculptures in Budapest, in the style of the transitional baroque to classicism. Rectangular postament is placed on a three-step access plateau. It is made with text cassettes and in flat profiling. The postament carries four sculptures in the sandstone: Immaculate Conception, st. Pavla, sv. Peter and St. Ivan the Baptist, placed around the central square column, ending with a flat profiling, and carries sculptures: Father, Son and Sv. spirit.
The cultural monument has a cultural and historical significance. The first is a public monument in Bajmok and testifies to the engagement of wealthier families from the end of the XIX century in raising religious sacred monuments. Although serial artwork, modest artistic qualities, this group sculpture was the main emphasis on the rural square fossilized in the XIX century.

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