As part of the central representative buildings that today symbolize Palić as a holiday resort, the architectural ensemble, which in the spirit of the Hungarian secessionist scheme was remarkably realized by the famous architects Komor Marcel and Jakab Deze in 1910. Directly in front of the largest building of the Great Terrace, and near the Women’s Bathing Center along the central alley, which ends with the Memorial by the waterfront, it is the smallest object for special purposes Music Pavilion, the place of small promenade concerts. The building is stylish and architectonic in complete accordance with the other larger facilities of these designers, even related or identical decorative details. This small open pavilion is basically an octagon, has a raised hill and an approach on two sides on several steps to the podium. The terracotta flooring is surrounded by a decorative carved wooden fence,perforated heart shapes, painted stylized floral motifs in the form of a crown at the top. These decorative motifs are present on other objects of this complex, as well as the architect’s small building. From the fence are the pillars in the form of beams with decorative consoles which, in the form of a branch of the wood console, carry a tiled roof with a spike at the top. The painted multicolored decoration covers the pavilion columns and rounds up one aesthetic mile.

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