On the northern shore of the Palić lake, three key buildings of the resort – Water Tower, Great Terrace and Female Bath are located. They were built at the turning point of the XIX century in XX, in the spirit of secession of the “young” by the projects of Budapest architects Marcelo Comore and Dezeja Jakaba from 1909. The swimming pool was opened in 1912.
It was built as a multipurpose facility – Vodotoranj, a gateway to the resort, and a tram station for electric trams introduced in 1897 on the Subotica-Palic route, and today it represents the symbol of Palić. The watercourse was completed on June 15, 1910.
According to Kati Martinović Cvijin, the “silhouette of the watercourse is a free variation of the wooden church of Transylvania” supplemented with wooden decorative details, while Bela Duranci claims that “The watercourse started from the form of a village gateway inhabited in Kalotaseg, the treasury of Hungarian folklore.”
Two architectural units – a tower with one, and a lower pavilion on the other, connects in a single whole a wide concave arch. The breakthrough through the building brings to the resort. The view stretches to the lake, along the Aleja, through the central arched passage of the Great Terrace to stop at the memorial fountain along the coast.

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