17. December 2018.

Object no. 10 is known as “Zagreb” café, and it was owned by Hal Harbrohr (Halbrohr Mór). The original hotel “Nacional” (Nemzetti sálloda) was designed by Geza Kocka (Kocka Géza) in 1897, but the architect Ferenc Rajl (Raichl Ferenc) redesigned and covered the Renaissance façade with the vegetable ornamentation of the secessionist character in 1905. In the middle is the main entrance portal and along the ground floor are lower arches. Around the main portal are flat pilasters. The building has three risk divisions, central and outskirts. On the rationalities on the upper part are massive balconies on consoles with a cassette-colored balustrade, on the rhizalite the windows are arched, and in the intermediate part rectangular with segmental tympanum. Above the rationalities are flat cassettes. Gypsum decoration in the form of garlands, vegetable motifs,and the symbol of interest and belonging to the designer himself (the divider and the triangle), is reduced to the intermediate fields of the floor part of the building. Individually occurs on semi-trailers, below the roof crown in the form of a series of consoles.