The building was built according to the Janos Bobule project from 1893/94. year, for the needs of the Teacher School. The project was rebuilt and adapted by Titus Mackovic, and the construction was completed in 1898.
The building is designed in the spirit of the eclectic as a two-story building with a two-leg foundation, with a cut off corner corner. The right leg is on Maksim Gorkog Street, and left in Harambašićeva. This position allowed the best illumination of the interior rooms. The proportions are proportional, with the main arched entrance located on a representative, curved façade. Above the entrance, on the first floor there is a three-winged flat window with a triangular tympanum, and on the second floor there is a central trifora with Gothic arches. In the roof part of the facade ends with a baroque atik marker at the top of the volutes. The side facades with their horizontal division of the wall canvas with two cordon crowns are resolved by the calm and proportional rhythm of the openings of the various convex, full masses that dominate. The decorative facade is reduced around the opening,carried out in an eclectic spirit using elements of several stylistic directions, all in order to achieve accentuated representativity. The lateral rationalities end with geometric shapes. The interior design is baroque, with entrance to the foyer across the wide staircase leading into the most representative rooms. The interior rooms of the walls are broken down by stucco with applications of architectural and vegetable motifs, in order to get the impression of splendor and fresher order to get the impression of luxury and fresher order to get the impression of luxury and fresher look.
The building has architectural and stylistic values ​​of characteristic eclectic stylistic orientation. In addition to its architectural, it has a cultural-historiological significance, because it was attended by prominent scientific workers, especially during the interwar period when the building was the Faculty of Law.

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