The writer Stevan Sremac was born in Senta on November 23, 1855. in house no. 4, in the street that today carries his name. Sremac has a prominent place in Serbian literature. Through literary works, he gave a kind of picture of the social circumstances of the Serbian Palaeo life in Vojvodina in the north, through Belgrade, to Nis in the south. The traditional, patriarchal ambiance was the inspiration and humorous theme of his most famous works (Ivkova slava, Pop Cira and Pop Spir, Vukadin, Zona Zamfirova). Many dramatized works are on a permanent repertoire. In addition to literary works, he also wrote political controversy, phalletons and satirical inscriptions in the political leaflets of the liberal party. He died in Sokobanja on August 26, 1906. years.
The base of his birthplace is in the form of a Latin letter L, with a wide wooden cassette gate on the left. The wall cloth is made of lycans, starting from the window parapet. The soda is flat, and next to the gate, and on the far right side are pilasters with semicolons at the roof. Behind the windows of the lysen, they form in the air, and the central field above the window carries medallions, and two plant cartridges between the windows. Attic wreaths are lowered by non-replaceable ventilation openings with decorative grates, and empty fields. Under the roof there is a gangway.
In the interior of the building, along the street front, there was a unique room that was appropriately divided in the later period, as indicated by a preserved decorative ceiling made in a stucco mortar with flatly drawn cassettes of profiled edges and an oval medallion in the center of the ceiling. At the turn of the 19th century, the facade was changed in the spirit of the eclectic. Conservation works were carried out in 1987.
During 2005, the facility was restored, when a unique room was reconstructed to the street and a restored ceiling in its original form.
The building is revitalized for cultural purposes.

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