The house was built at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. In the monograph of the Bač-Bodroška County, issued in 1909, the type of the house with a sunglass is called Senjenski. Furthermore, on typical projects, made in 1906, they are falling off the boards, and the forms are far simpler. After 1914, sunbaths were no longer built. The building is nourishing, moist and quite worn out. That is why adaptation is necessary. The outer facade is of a city type, with two windows and with a small gate, and the wall is treated with a gray tone. Triangular gates represent the most prominent part of the facade. In its upper part there are stylized suns, and in the corners there are fliers. The middle one consists of seven cassettes. In the fourth cassette, the triangle is seen, whose lower part is missing. In parallel with this, each tape is filled with various geometric shapes (false blinds).In the third and fifth cassettes there is a circular opening for ventilation of the attic. In the lower part of the gates there are eight cassettes, also of various geometric shapes, while in the corners of the frets. Sunbursts were not only built as a way to decorate houses, but also played a cult role as protectors because they were protected by fire, lightning, evil spirits and witches.

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