House of Đuro Manojlović

The last building in the row of Korzo, on the right side of the center, was built according to Titus Mačković’s projects in 1881. It is a free-standing family palace of Đura Manojlović, built in the style of eclecticism, which was created according to the principle of cutting architectural cubes into a harmoniously integrated whole. These cubes, asymmetrically placed, create a play of pushed and drawn masses, supplemented by semi-lobes, pilasters and a thick row of attic consoles that carry a playful, sloping roof. The facade towards the Korzo Street is asymmetrical with a centered block, within which there is a small stairway with single-leafed wooden cassettes. The side block is in the line of the entrance in front of which is a garden with a wrought iron rail. On the left, the side wing of the building in the upper part has a trifora with arched holes, while all the other windows with a flat finish,cross sections of the window. On the upper part of the central cubus above the windows are trugaoni tympanoni, while on the right side of the window there are architraves. The façade surface is processed in the form of stone squares.
This freestanding building is unique in every way, in its exterior, but also in its interior, with an unusual layout of rooms. Entrance to the building is on the side of Korzo for the residential part, while at the end of the last century the open entrance was identically solved as well as the entrance from Đure Đakovića street for business premises.
In the center of the building there is a hall that leads to a staircase, a decorative lantern roof that illuminates the central area of ​​the house. Alongside the representative staircase, there was a much more modest staircase for the service that was immediately separated from the rest of the tenants of the house. And this marquee was lit up by a smaller lantern. The project does not define the purpose of the premises. Seven more luxurious rooms are oriented in two streets, while the auxiliary and economic rooms were turned towards the courtyard.

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