The unique triangle “Trougla” consists of buildings on Republic Square No. 4 and 6. According to an engraving from 1815, there was a ground floor house with shopping malls and a large yard. Year of construction is on the balcony shaft and tells us that the storey building was built in 1848. This year has been carved on the balcony of an object now bearing number 4, although it is reliably known that up to 1984 numbers were split objects built as one whole. The building was designed by the renowned subotica architect Janoš Škulteti, the designer of the theater and many first floors in the city, in his unique style of classicism, pure simple lines. Like most buildings in the center, this has suffered a number of changes, and the split in two buildings and decorative ornamentation was obtained in 1907 according to the projects of Geza Kocka for the needs of the then owner Vilmos Konen.
Restoration of the façade in 1984. The original appearance was restored to the building, when the separate buildings were reconstructed with architectural decoration and coloration as a whole. It is a series of buildings with two pronounced rizalites that end in the roof zone with a triangular tympanum. The ground floor is covered with horizontal rustics with two windows and entrance in the central axis of the facade. On the first floor are two windows and centrally located doors leading to the balcony with wrought iron railings. The fields above the holes are covered by archival archives. The central part of the building, located between the two rhizalites, has a centrally placed wide gate with a segmented arch, and a cartridge is made in the top of the arc. On the same axis of the opening on the ground floor, there are three identical flat-finish windows on the floor, with profiled architrave supported by consoles.
After removing inadequate decorations, the object got its harmonious appearance, clean and balanced lines of classicism. A uniform rhythm of rectangular window openings interrupts only the segmentally finished gates, the characteristic motif of this designer, and the Tampaan gaps underline the classicist form and give the building a monumental look.

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